9450 E Designed for extruded products while improving your productivity, 9450 E optimizes your TCO and offers a large panel of specialty inks.

Tube Laminates
Copper Wires
Power Cables
Electric Wires
Copper Cables
Continuous Inkjet

Available in two ink circuit versions, the 9450 E continuous inkjet printer codes on pipes, cables, wires and tubes thanks to revolutionary ink circuits that produce outstanding quality codes on all extruded products, regardless of their color.

Your challenges
You want to optimize your productivity and your coding costs without sacrificing marking quality. You are looking for a printing technology that combines fast ink drying time and accurate codes on all types of extruded products. 
Our solutions
Our continuous inkjet 9450 E printer produces high quality codes on extruded materials at high speeds. With a large range of dye, semi-pigmented and pigmented inks, it is specially designed for the pipe, cable and wire, tube, and profile industries. A dedicated one-fits-all silver ink is capable of offering quality contrast and durable codes on all extruded materials. A selection of competitive colored MEK-free solutions ease operators' daily operations and comfort while reducing compliance and export/import constraints, Volatil Organic Compound (VOC) emissions at an attractive TCO.
Our continuous inkjet 9450 E printer offers high-precision printing, achieving speeds up to 1,000 meters per minute on wire harnessing and optical fiber as narrow as 1 mm.
Modular and flexible, Markem-Imaje’s Confidence Program is also available to help you find the right balance between quality and cost while maximizing your investment returns.
Key benefits
Our 9450 E printer combines premium ink circuits that optimize ink consumption, achieving savings of up to 20%, with the Intelli’Jet®  feature that ensures the best quality codes on clear or dark substrates, even the most difficult ones like PE. With its robust design, the 9450 E runs in the harshest environments and can print up to 3000 kilometers of extruded products without cleaning. A multitude of ink colors means it is compatible with any material.
Other solutions


Designed for medium to heavy duty production lines, 9450 helps maximize your OEE and take your brand to the next level.
SmartLase F500
SmartLase F500

Designed for high-speed beverage can lines and other high throughput applications, the SmartLase F500 reliably produces crisp, permanent codes with lower operating expenses.

Designed for medium to heavy duty production lines, 9410 reduces your TCO with quality codes.
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