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Faced with demands to facilitate greater supply chain transparency for your customers, you need to ensure your coding is correct, compliant, and cost-effective. And, to protect your brand from counterfeiting and quality-related issues, you need to be able to track every single product coming off your production line. Or better still, you need an intelligent solution that does it for you.


Traceability Solutions by Markem-Imaje


Markem-Imaje's solution


Our Product Tracking solution, part of the Packaging Intelligence offer, creates unique product fingerprints that make individual products seamlessly trackable, delivering data reliability and safety for distributors, resellers, and users. It can also aggregate product unit coding data to a case or pallet level, so you can scan and track output at every packaging level to ensure full product compliance. Leveraging our market-leading information management system, CoLOS®, it seamlessly integrates with the rest of our best-in-class equipment, as well as third-party information systems* and hardware.

Mixing and matching traceability tools from different vendors can be overwhelming and costly. We provide a single, simple solution for generating, managing, and reporting product data in a diverse supply chain ecosystem. Our track-and-trace solution makes it easy to create a compliant system of record for your products in changing regulatory environments.




  • Builds upon the functionality of our Pallet Tracking solution to create unique and fully trackable product e-fingerprints to improve anti-diversion and anti-counterfeiting efforts through a comprehensive and seamlessly integrated approach to data management.
  • Identification of each product “child” with a unique code and backtracking to a product “parent” which also has its own unique code (aggregation of multiple product codes into one code).
  • Optional creation of traceability data reports, including real-time data communications if required.
  • Optional creation of traceability data reports, including real-time data communications if required.
  • Full implementation of control processes, interfaces, or business logic provided via CoLOS® Application Toolkit.
  • Automatic verification and accurate processing of information printed on your products.




  • Data aggregation at the packaging line level without major changes to existing manufacturing and logistics processes and no impact on production rates.
  • Improved accuracy and integrity of inventory data.
  • Automatic data aggregation avoids time wasted manually checking production and compiling traceability reports.
  • Better ability to identify product diversion and reselling thus helping ensure products are sold where and how intended.
  • Enhanced ability to prove to counterfeit and defend your brand.
  • Fewer coding-related recalls thereby protecting your brand’s reputation.
  • Get item transfer visibility and secure data exchange across your global supply chain.
  • Create, modify, and order the processing of data based on your requirements.
  • Establish multiple levels of user restrictions and redundancy for everyone in your supply chain ecosystem.
  • Enhanced traceability and improved compliance with supply chain and distribution requirements minimizing retailer fines and/or delivery rejections.


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Nutrition & Santé | The demand for perfection
Nutrition & Santé has stepped up its traceability needs to deliver “zero marking error” products. Markem-Imaje provided the solution with its Mark & Read system to achieve it.
Noberasco | At the heart of innovation
At the leading-edge in products and processes, Noberasco has chosen Markem-Imaje as its printing partner to ensure long term quality and reliability.
Nexans | Cutting-edge technologies
To mark the 200,000 kilometers of cables manufactured per year, the Nexans production site in Bohain (France) uses inkjet printers with special inks, designed for marking cables.
Sabarot Wassner | When tradition meets modernity
Save time, reduce the risk of errors, clearly identify products and guarantee technical
reliability: these were the specifications defined by Sabarot for its identification
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