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Software and Technical Training Services

Why do we offer a technical training program? We want to ensure that you make the most of your Markem-Imaje coding hardware and/or software by achieving the maximum productivity and Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) possible from your purchase because this is our objective for our many innovations. For this reason, we have refined the optimum technical training for each and every one of our products, including for all coders and software training, guaranteeing your workforce’s upskilling and further autonomy.

We offer comprehensive and tailored technical training courses for production line operators and technical maintenance engineers for every model, as well as covering preventive maintenance, equipment reliability, maintenance strategies, and troubleshooting skills, specifically for operators and maintenance engineers to improve their plants efficiency and equipment lifespan.



Why any time is the right time to upskill your employees?


In addition when you purchase a new coding solution, at any time in the product lifecycle, or when a new engineer joins your company, you should take advantage of a relevant technical training course:


Why train expert staff?

Whatever the level of experience of your technical staff, Markem-Imaje tech training and/or software training will positively improve your productivity, increase efficiency, and eliminate operating errors by leveraging the equipment’s full capabilities, including any upgrade to functionality. What’s more, however skilled your employees already are, tailored Markem-Imaje technical training will ensure that they become even more autonomous, efficient, and proactive, while the risk of workplace incidents will be further lowered.

Do not just take our word for it —our courses have an Average Satisfaction score of 4.7/5 over the last 7 years.

Technical trainings with Markem-Imaje


Versatile, comprehensive, and flexible technical training courses


Over the past 40+ years Markem-Imaje has spent innovating in digital coding technology and software, we have honed professional training experts who use the most proven to be effective teaching methods to ensure your teams benefit to the maximum from our tech training and software training courses.

Our technical training courses offer support across the lifecycle of your printer’s life and can be conducted in your production plants, in Markem-Imaje offices, or even remotely through our library of advanced and interactive e-learning tools.​

Our programs include a full overview of the selected coding solution, consumables and safety, printer start-up and shut-down, principal printer settings and parameters, spare replacements, maintenance procedures, troubleshooting, and more…

We offer three general levels of training depending on the level of expertise required in the technology: basic operator level, advanced operator level for production line managers and maintenance technicians, and technical team level, aimed at maintenance managers and technicians.


Operator training servicesBasicAdvancedTechnical
Basic default finding
Technical team instruction​-
Basic repairs​-
Spare parts replacement​--


At the end of the training sessions, your teams will master running, setting, monitoring, maintaining, and troubleshooting Markem-Imaje printers. In short, your in-house maintenance expertise will be boosted, meaning less need for callouts.

Select from our catalog and pick your perfect fit from our technical training courses today.



Tailored content


Within our formal technical training program, we recognize that all customers are different and that your training needs may vary according to your profile. Therefore, Markem-Imaje training courses can be customized to meet your specific expectations.

We offer three levels of technical training course, each with its own distinct program and objectives according to their level of interaction with the technology in question. All operators and technicians, regardless of their level of experience with similar products, should complete the technical training courses in sequence from the basic level. This is not only because each manufacturer’s technology varies in its functionality and composition but, due to our ongoing product innovation, upgrades to the same Markem-Imaje product may also vary considerably. For most day-to-day production line operators, the first training will be sufficient to perform their job confidently. We also offer customization of courses where necessary.


International Training Center Markem-Imaje France


Markem-Imaje has international training centers located in China, France, India, the Philippines, and the United States of America. By allocating a relatively small investment to boost your skillset, productivity, and reliability, the payback will be fast, with more of your employees being able to troubleshoot and maximize software and printing capabilities, meaning less reliance on your engineers.

As we constantly upgrade our products and their capabilities to offer our customers the most cutting-edge technology; it is more than worth the money and effort to update your staff’s technical training to ensure securing your products and guaranteeing their autonomy.



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Andreas Wehl – Head of Packaging Innovation and Cosmetics @ Töpfer

“In conjunction with our system, we ensure that we can send brand, item number, batch number, and more to our marking systems without errors.

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IMA Ilapak Film Coding Markem-Imaje
Andrea Boccolini – VFFS Technical Sales Support Manager @ IMA Ilapak

“Our machines are exported around the globe: IMA IIapak has always found Markem-Imaje to be an excellent partner capable of supporting our clients in every part of the world with widespread support and prompt service in the supply of spare parts”.

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Bioplants Hot Melt Coding Cardboard Markem-Imaje
Xavier Bossard – Operations, Digital and Logistics Project Manager at Bioplants @ Bioplants

“The Markem-Imaje solution proposed to Bioplants was interesting because we could choose the criteria we needed: Before that, we were using a labeler, so one consumable item was created every time we labeled a package. Today we use hot melt ink directly projected on the cardboard allows us to add traceability to the packages, which we did not have before.”
#TouchDry #HighResolutionInkjet

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Mebra Plastik Software CoLOS Markem-Imaje
Nicola Marchesin – IT Manager @ Mebra Plastik

“This (CoLOS) has allowed us to be much more efficient, reducing line equipment times and making it possible to implement new solutions such as automated metrics, fewer ink types, and less waste thanks to more ecological containers and less energy consumption.”
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