Thermal inkjet printer for contactless marking on uneven surfaces.

Thermal inkjet printers provide a high-quality marking on a variety of substrates, including in 3D form.


Markem-Imaje's range of thermal inket printer series or TIJ printers offer high quality compliant barcodes codes on uneven surfaces and direct onto a product with ease-of-use and little maintenance required. Thermal inkjet marking is suitable on a wide-range of substrates, including cardboard, metals, plastics, foils and wood, and represent a cost-effective solution. Markem-Imaje thermal inkjet technology is contact-free and involves heating ink that is highly accurately transferred onto even moving, 3D surfaces.


  • Produces high quality compliant codes
  • TIJ printers require little maintenance and are easy to use
  • Thermal inkjet marking can be used on most substrates, including uneven surfaces

Markem-Imaje's thermal inkjet printer series or TIJ printers offer exceptional value-for-money and easy-of-use for high quality compliant coding including on moving and irregular surfaces and direct onto a wide variety of substrates.

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