Packaging Intelligence CoLOS Software Maintenance and Support

Maximize your coding and software investment with easier, more cost-effective access to experts and updates


In an ever-changing world of operating system updates and cybersecurity policies, Software Maintenance and Support Agreements ensure you get the maximum benefits from your Packaging Intelligence CoLOS® software.  


Software Maintenance and Service Agreements

Ensure your peace of mind: Software Support benefits


The continuous benefits of Markem-Imaje service relationships include:

  • We offer a combination of helpdesk support services, product updates, software enhancements, and defect corrections to optimize your use of Packaging Intelligence CoLOS® software products from day one and ensure optimum performance in the future.
  • Our service offers real-time, remote problem-solving support for your CoLOS® software plus full Packaging Intelligence solutions, Advanced and Ultimate agreements assist our dedicated Consulting & Integration Services team for additional system fine-tuning and an annual performance review.
  • Maximize the returns from your Packaging Intelligence investment by giving you quick support, so problems are resolved fast.
  • Support is accessible during either 8x5 office hours or 24x7, depending on the software solution and agreement level you have.
  • Minimize coding-related downtime to get your production up and running as soon as possible, via -remote troubleshooting and technical support. 
  • Ensure you have the most up-to-date software releases and upgrades for equipment capability, security, compliance, and bug fixes without worrying. 
  • Enable you to complete tasks using CoLOS® as quickly as possible thanks to assistance in using and operational advice guaranteeing provision of latest releases, upgrades, and updates. 



    Maximize the returns from your Packaging Intelligence investment


    Dedicated support: Securing a CoLOS® agreement ensures that you have support at your fingertips. Knowledgeable technicians are readily available by phone to tackle issues of any level or urgency. 

    Support escalation: CoLOS Global Helpdesk maintains a multi-level support escalation structure for handling cases.

    Software Maintenance: Entitlement to maintenance releases for your licensed CoLOS® software from first installation enables you to benefit from software releases throughout the term of maintenance coverage.


    An Invaluable asset for you and your production line


    Whether you use CoLOS® software for a simple image design or a fully IT & OT integrated factory-wide product coding and labeling system.

    Software agreements for CoLOS® Packaging Intelligence SolutionsStandardAdvancedUltimate
    8x5  phone support
    8x5  phone and email support
    24x7 phone and email support--
    Maintenance releases with all feature enhancements, security upgrades, and bug fixes for your licensed software ​​
    New major version releases, for example from version 5 to version 6​​
    New minor version releases, for example from version 6.0 to version 6.1​​
    Real-time,  remote access to trouble-shooting​​
    Annual performance review​​ --





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