Laser marking for high quality permanent codes.

High-quality, fast, chemical-free, permanent coding or marking.


Markem-Imaje's laser marking machines for coding and marking are either CO2, Fiber, or UV (ultraviolet) based that mark by ablation, etching, foaming, or laser scribe imaging. 
CO2 laser marking technology is suitable for film, laminates, PET bottles, and inked paper and metal caps.
Fiber laser marking is suitable for bare metal and rigid plastics and is used in the automotive and electronics industries and FMCG. Fiber laser technology provides high-speed printing in large coding areas and tough environments and the ability to multi-head scribe and produce high-contrast codes. 
UV laser technology is good for marking on the finest easy-to-damage substrates because of producing a photochemical reaction with the material, for example, on newer thinner mono films which are better for the environment films. 
Ultraviolet printing is an alternative solution for CO2 or fiber laser printing when these are not suitable for the substrate.


  • Laser marking eliminates use of consumables like ink
  • Laser printers require no jet maintenance
  • Laser marking can be used on most substrates


Markem-Imaje laser marking series offers a wide range of the most advanced CO2 laser printers and fiber laser printers for marking and coding for high-speed  applications on the most demanding packaging lines with high-quality results.

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