Markem-Imaje: Intelligence, beyond the mark.


Markem-Imaje delivers intelligent identification and traceability solutions, services and expertise to empower our customers with the right information across the supply chain—keeping products authentic, safe and connected.

We offer the industry’s most comprehensive range of marking and coding systems seamlessly integrated with trusted software, services and consumables.

Markem-Imaje is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the US-based Dover Corporation.


Our vision

To connect and protect every product from production to the consumer’s hands, strengthening trust and confidence in brands around the world.





Our brand promise

We partner with our customers to unlock the power of information in codes. Through an extensive global network, we innovate and deliver smarter printing, brand protection and consumer engagement solutions. Together we optimize supply chain efficiencies, achieve sustainability and compliance objectives, connect products and protect brands.

This is intelligence, beyond the mark.



Our values


Collaborative entrepreneurial spirit

We operate as entrepreneurs while working together to leverage our scale and resources as a global company.

Winning through customers

It is being passionate about our customers’ success because we know that when they win, we win.

High ethical standards, openness and trust

It is about trusting and respecting one another, being honest and genuine.

Expectations for results

We set goals, targets and objectives for ourselves and our organization and strive to achieve them.

Respect and value people

We recognize people as individuals deserving respect, motivation and inspiration.


Markem-Imaje in a nutshell


3,000 employees worldwide
850 field service engineers
41 offices in 28 countries
280 partners across the globe


Our timeline



  • The American company Markem and the French company Imaje merged and the new company Markem-Imaje was born.
  • Omar Kerbage was appointed President of the Product Identification Group and Serge Kral, President of the Business Group.


  • Launch of the large-width Thermal Transfer Overprint (TTO) coder SmartDate 5/128.


  • Redesign of the traceability software CoLOS®.
  • Opening of the printer and consumable factory in Keene, USA.
  • Implementation of ISO norm 14001 in Keene, USA.
  • Launch of large character high-resolution piezo coders 5600 and 5800.


  • Serge Kral was appointed President of the Product Identification Group.
  • Keene production site is certified ISO 14001.


  • Launch of the small character inkjet printer 9232, TTO printer SmartDate X40, the 7031 HD laser and the Print and Apply series 2200.
  • Release of the CoLOS® version 5 including new features for coding integrity, printer performance monitoring and reporting, instant alerts over email or SMS and SAP connection.


  • Launch of the TTO printer SmartDate X60.
  • Opening of a logistics center in Singapore.


  • Acquisition of RSI Systems, a leader in thermal inkjet printers.


  • Acquisition of CSAT, experts in high-end digital printing systems. Visit the CSAT website.
  • Vincent Vanderpoel was appointed President and Chief Executive Officer of Markem-Imaje.
  • Launch of the continuous inkjet 9018 and 9028 printers.


  • Launch of the continuous inkjet 9450 printer.
  • The Shanghai site is certified OHSAS 18801.


  • Launch of the 5400 FG coder, with food-grade inks.
  • Launch of the 4500, a new generation of drop-on-demand printers.


  • New 'Code with CONFIDENCE' service offer available.
  • Launch of the Flex SE applicator for print and apply labeling systems.


  • Launch of CoLOS® 6, continuous inkjets printer 9029, large character valvejet coder 4700 and the thermal transfer overprinter SmartDate X30.
  • Installation of six solar paneled carports in Bourg-Lès-Valence, France.


  • Launch of the laser SmartLase F500, an Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) module for CoLOS®, the TTO printers SmartDate X45, SmartDate X65 and SmartDate X65/128.
  • Launch of Packaging Intelligence solutions to optimize packaging operations with automated printing and industrial coding solutions to minimize waste, drive efficiency and achieve compliance in any market.


  • Acquisition of Systech, which joined Markem-Imaje to deliver comprehensive packaging intelligence solutions that protect products from the factory floor to the consumer.
  • Acquisition de Solaris. Headquartered in Warsaw, Poland, Solaris supplies advanced fiber, ultraviolet and CO2 laser systems used for product marking and coding in industrial and packaging applications across a broad range of end markets. Solaris has served the marking and coding industry for over 25 years.
  • Markem-Imaje launches its e-commerce portal for the purchase of consumables and an overview of the installed base.
  • Launch of the continuous inkjet printer 9330.
  • Opening of a new factory and head office in Bhiwadi, India.


  • Launch of the SmartDate Xtreme Plus printhead for faster high-resin TTO printing.
  • Contribution to Reforest'Action efforts by planting 3,000 trees in Peru.
  • Acquisition of Blue Bite to connect brands and consumers through products.
  • Launch of the Remote User Interface for the SmartDate X30.


  • Launch of the Touch Dry® high-resolution inkjet 5940 G coder, the SmartLase F250 and SmartLase C600 laser coders, the 9750 CIJ printer, and the award-winning eTouch-S print and apply labeling solution.
  • Introduction of MiVista™, a range of self-support and helpdesk printer services powered by an IoT platform.
  • Markem-Imaje received the BRC Global Standard (BRCGS) Grade A Packaging Materials Certification for the Bourg-Lès-Valence site in France.


  • Launch of the market's first hybrid CIJ printers, the 9750+, the extrusion-primed 9750 E range, and the 9750 Expert Series for the most challenging applications and the FMCG sector.
  • Release of the SmartDate® Xtra 3530 ribbon for TTO.
  • 30th anniversary of TTO innovation of Markem-Imaje.
  • Smartlase® C600 accessories X-WIDE and BOU launched.
  • Release of Touch Dry® white ink for the 5940 G inkjet printer.
  • Awarded a Platinum Medal in sustainability performance by EcoVadis and a Sustainable BRC Global Standard (BRCGS) Grade AA Packaging Materials Certification, both for the Bourg-Lès-Valence site in France.
  • Launch of Marking Trigger Device, a revolutionary industrial handheld marking product.


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