The ability to authenticate each individual product is the most effective way to protect your brand by preventing its counterfeiting or diversion to the gray market. Our turnkey solutions for connected products, implemented through existing or inline printed barcodes, ensure peace of mind in real-time brand protection without requiring onerous or complex changes to your packaging process.


Fight counterfeit products with authentification solutions


Authentication solutions by Markem-Imaje


Our innovative software solutions are modular and adapt to your need to ensure every product is protected and, that, however complex end-to-end supply chain might be, you have complete traceability. Markem-Imaje offers complete proprietary end-to-end product authentication solutions from applying the code to the customer product and real-time verification. They include complete data management and two-way integration to the retail cloud application for authentication, customer engagement, and necessary tools to verify authenticity and detect tampering or diversion into the gray market in real-time. With our modular connected product solutions, you can also build further brand engagement and actively engage with your customers and vice-versa.

Authentification solutions by Markem-Imaje




  • Authenticate products to protect against tampering and fight counterfeiting and diversion down to the unit level.
  • Detect counterfeiting and diversion in real-time.
  • Trace your products through the supply chain.
  • Secure, cloud-based record handling of unique product serialization or e-Fingerprint®.
  • Solution available for unconnected static 1D barcodes.
  • Can be seamlessly embedded into a brand’s existing app for consumer use.
  • Possibility to provide detailed product information data, tailored for use by consumers or suppliers, at different stages across the chain.
  • The possibility to curate access to data insights according to intended audience meaning you can provide support to customers with doubts on authentication: Alternatively, another solution provides you with the ability to restrict access to a tightly controlled set of supply-chain partners and corporate inspectors.
  • Easy to use dashboards to manage authentication and diversion and provision of real-time analytics to understand customer needs and behavior and to swiftly act on data insights.




  • Modular solution that can be expanded according to your needs.
  • Unique supplier with an integrated solution of entire end-to-end flow: from product identification, verification, data management, serialization, traceability, authentication, and consumer engagement.
  • Consumer trust and seamless communication between customer and producer equals a higher probability of continued brand loyalty.
  • Increase margins by preventing counterfeit or tampered returns.
  • Secured distribution avoiding possible resale through unauthorized or unregulated channels.
  • Provide confidence to investors in your secondary market.
  • Simultaneous end-to-end traceability provided with authentication, increasingly in-demand by governments and consumers.


Read what our customers say about our software solutions.


Nutrition & Santé | The demand for perfection
Nutrition & Santé has stepped up its traceability needs to deliver “zero marking error” products. Markem-Imaje provided the solution with its Mark & Read system to achieve it.
Noberasco | At the heart of innovation
At the leading-edge in products and processes, Noberasco has chosen Markem-Imaje as its printing partner to ensure long term quality and reliability.
Nexans | Cutting-edge technologies
To mark the 200,000 kilometers of cables manufactured per year, the Nexans production site in Bohain (France) uses inkjet printers with special inks, designed for marking cables.
Sabarot Wassner | When tradition meets modernity
Save time, reduce the risk of errors, clearly identify products and guarantee technical
reliability: these were the specifications defined by Sabarot for its identification
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