Technologies to code on plastic rigid containers and caps


Durable, 100% readable codes even on challenging rigid plastic substrates.



Coding on rigid plastic substrates whose ink adhesion can be difficult. Indeed, lightweight rigid and semi-rigid plastics have replaced glass or metal containers as the packaging of choice for many dairy products, candy, and cosmetics. They are also frequently used for industrial components. These lightweight, durable plastics include polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (PE), and high-density polyethylene (HDPE). While the use of rigid and semi-rigid plastics can reduce shipping and handling costs, the different chemical composition of these plastics can affect ink adhesion or the effectiveness of laser coding.



We provide two main technologies for marking plastic containers and caps.
Our SmartLase laser coders are available in four different wavelengths, to meet variable needs regarding permanency, visibility, fluid resistance, and the chemical composition of the plastic. Providing permanent codes, they guarantee high quality, high contrast coding on plastic substrates.
Alternatively, our continuous inkjet printers, thermal inkjet, and large character inkjet coders can also be used to code on plastic containers and caps, depending on your needs.
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