Food packaging coding


Food packaging printing: 100% safe and edible inks, compliant with local and national regulations.


Food packaging printing or coding on food
 can be filled with complexity. Substances that directly touch food are considered food additives and are more stringently controlled than those that are on the packaging, but any packaging inks that may inadvertently come into contact with food may also need to be of incidental food-grade quality.




For food packaging printing or coding directly on food, we offer a line of continuous inkjet inks together with a line o f wax-based, edible hot-melt inks that are FDA, EU, and kosher compliant. For incidental food contact with packaging, a line of inks is also available.

The 9450 continuous inkjet printer offers traceable egg coding at high-speed. Available in blue or red and compliant with all local and national regulations, these dedicated food-grade inks can be used to code more than 250,000 eggs an hour on an eight-track grading machine. 




Egg coding @ Huevos Guillen
Huevos Guillén Group | Precise coding for an exemplary company
Huevos Guillén Group has chosen the Markem-Imaje 9450 inkjet printer to code eggs, to reduce operating costs, and to optimize the work of line operators.


Toepfer Babywelt CIJ Coding Markem-Imaje
Andreas Wehl – Head of Packaging Innovation and Cosmetics @ Töpfer

“In conjunction with our system, we ensure that we can send brand, item number, batch number, and more to our marking systems without errors.

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IMA Ilapak Film Coding Markem-Imaje
Andrea Boccolini – VFFS Technical Sales Support Manager @ IMA Ilapak

“Our machines are exported around the globe: IMA IIapak has always found Markem-Imaje to be an excellent partner capable of supporting our clients in every part of the world with widespread support and prompt service in the supply of spare parts”.

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Bioplants Hot Melt Coding Cardboard Markem-Imaje
Xavier Bossard – Operations, Digital and Logistics Project Manager at Bioplants @ Bioplants

“The Markem-Imaje solution proposed to Bioplants was interesting because we could choose the criteria we needed: Before that, we were using a labeler, so one consumable item was created every time we labeled a package. Today we use hot melt ink directly projected on the cardboard allows us to add traceability to the packages, which we did not have before.”
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Mebra Plastik Software CoLOS Markem-Imaje
Nicola Marchesin – IT Manager @ Mebra Plastik

“This (CoLOS) has allowed us to be much more efficient, reducing line equipment times and making it possible to implement new solutions such as automated metrics, fewer ink types, and less waste thanks to more ecological containers and less energy consumption.”
#CoLOS #SoftwareSolutions

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