Technologies to code on paperboard cartons


Fast drying and smear-resistant inks for printing on paperboard.



The choice of printing on paperboard technologies and inks must, be carefully considered in order to match the paperboard’s characteristics. Indeed, paperboard types include boxboard and containerboard, as well as a wood-free pulp product, all with various thicknesses. The coating may be glossy or matte, colored or pure white, and size and surface texture can vary greatly. The excellent quality print surface, structural stability, and inherent sustainability and recycling potential offered by paperboard help explain its popularity. Due to so many different types, the choice has to be guided by an expert in
coding on cables and wire printing solution.



Printing on paperboard is an ideal way to convey information and build your brand.

Depending on the speed of your production line, the size, and the format of your packaging, we provide specialized inks that meet drying speed and smear-resistance requirements.

We also offer a wide range of printers—all of which can be paired with our CoLOS software solutions—including continuous inkjet, thermal inkjet, Touch Dry high-resolution piezo, and large character valvejet, as well as laser coders.



Nutrition & Santé | The demand for perfection
Nutrition & Santé has stepped up its traceability needs to deliver “zero marking error” products. Markem-Imaje provided the solution with its Mark & Read system to achieve it.
Sanpellegrino | Ambassador of the Italian way of life
For Sanpellegrino, the goal is product excellence and guaranteed consumer safety. See how Markem-Imaje coding solutions help the largest Italian beverage company.
Sabarot Wassner | When tradition meets modernity
Save time, reduce the risk of errors, clearly identify products and guarantee technical
reliability: these were the specifications defined by Sabarot for its identification


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