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Our employees are the fuel for our business. Their success is ours. Our community is diverse and global, with many inspiring success stories. Every employee is driven by unique motivations, from career advancement to innovation and leadership. All of them, regardless of their tenure, have a contribution to make. Their experiences are of great importance to us.

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Career Growth


Hwee Kuan TEO at Markem-Imaje

"Markem-Imaje has provided me with many opportunities to improve myself and advance my career. I also appreciate the company management for recognizing employee contributions."
Hwee Kuan Teo
Supply Chain Process Manager

Emil Patrick NAKPIL at Markem-Imaje

"Markem-Imaje has given me countless opportunities. I have constantly learned new things, which helped me grow to where I am now. Markem-Imaje is a solutions provider that innovates and adds value.“
Emil Patrick Nakpil
Solutions Engineering Manager



Purti SINGHAL at Markem-Imaje

"From a TC analyst to a Global TC Screening Supervisor, I have always had the opportunity to take on more responsibility and grow in my role. I appreciate the supportive and inclusive work environment that allows me to be my best self!"
Purti Singhal
Screening Supervisor


Personal Development


Jeremy NEOLAS at Markem-Imaje

“Markem-Imaje is the perfect environment to learn, bring your added value, and take your professional career to the next level. We believe and invest in our employees’ professional careers: many job positions are filled thanks to internal moves.”
Jérémy Néolas
EMEA Talent Acquisition

Amadou SYLVESTRE at Markem-Imaje

"I have been working in Markem-Imaje for 23 years!!! It has been, and still is, an intense and rich experience with new challenges to tackle. On top of the innovative subjects and the friendly atmosphere, the company guided me to take on new opportunities I was interested in."
Amadou Sylvestre
Customer Portal Director


Global and Diverse



Recruitment and Onboarding


Hwee Kuan TEO at Markem-Imaje

“Markem-Imaje is a great and inclusive company to work for where engineers are given the opportunity for continual growth. I love working with a globally diverse group of engineers who bring new and different perspectives to problem-solving.”
Wanda Sealander
Chief Engineer

Ramona EITEL VILLAR at Markem-Imaje

“The recruiting process by the EMEA Talent Acquisition team was a great experience, from the candidate's perspective, reflective of the efficient and organized procedures within the team I was about to join.”
Ramona Eitel Villar
Talent Acquisition Partner & HR


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