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Revolutionizing brand marketing: Unleashing the power of QR codes

Despite the ever-growing inclusion of QR codes on products, companies often miss out on marketing opportunities that could transform their brand from a one-off experience to a long-term customer favorite. With a lot of alternative brand choices out there, leveraging a strategic marketing approach to ensure enduring brand loyalty is more important than ever.

While a Quick Response or QR code is a powerful way for producers to digitalize, personalize and energize their entire brand story, the inclusion of QR codes on a product require a considered and informed strategy to be effective. 


Beyond payment to customer engagement

There is still a perception among some businesses that the QR code is simply another mechanism for providing static brand and company information or customer payments. Yet a product code executed effectively can go far beyond this, being a way to share content that is exactly in tune with where that individual is in their buying or decision-making journey. This has the power to quickly accelerate customer engagement and boost brand marketing. A key advantage of the QR code is its capacity to personalize the content a customer sees, based around their particular tastes and priorities.


Advancing marketing potential

As we have previously mentioned, the QR code is the perfect vehicle to communicate information on traceability and sustainability, as well as the history and back story of a brand. But these benefits go even further. For almost any Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) brand, QR codes have the potential to enhance and enrich customer experience. The forms of marketing that QR codes can deliver are wide-ranging and can meet the needs and interests of nearly every demographic of the product user. This could include discounts and loyalty programs to enhance customer retention, competitions that relate directly to a product or a venue or even trying to cross-sell by alerting loyal customers to other products they might also enjoy.

QR codes can even empower brands to leverage the power of gamification to boost engagement even further through options such as collecting points towards free or reduced-price products, and prizes when customers attend a certain venue. At the heart of all of this is personalization, through which a well-executed QR code delivers content that exactly matches the profile and personality of the customer, especially those with associated online accounts, whether that’s the ability to compare their favorite brand to a friend’s or being able to view the ethical impact of their purchase and contribution to a brand’s community or charity support programs.

As with many types of tech innovations, the QR code is not a magic wand. To achieve its potential, it must be planned and executed in a way that provides the customer with content that they find attractive, interesting or entertaining. The focus should be on what the consumer can experience when they scan the code. Because scanning a code may be the only opportunity a brand has to connect with the individual, the content needs to be dynamic and non-static to cater to their interests and priorities.


Connecting at the right moment

Connecting with the customer is everything to brand loyalty, yet many businesses miss their moment. Buying a product of a particular brand instead of another other brand can be either an emotionally driven purchase or just down to a lower price tag. This means that brands need to create value and a connection with their customers, especially those who may switch to another product over a small price difference. A precisely planned and implemented QR code has the power to present content customized to individual consumers based on their preferences and their stage in the buying journey. With a carefully crafted approach, a QR code has the power to boost any brand marketing and customer loyalty with the right message, in the right place, at the right time.


Leverage the power of packaging

Every business understands the impact of packaging on marketing success. More than half of consumers are more likely to buy a product if they have connected with the packaging. A QR code placed strategically and in keeping with a producer’s overall brand can transform a product into an additional point-of-sale outside of the retail space. In this way, an effective QR code can reduce the risk of missing out on sales because it provides a new and valuable direct-to-consumer sales channel that drives tap-to-purchase, exclusive product launches and other targeted initiatives.


Accelerating brand loyalty

More than ever, brands need to be able to show that they are unique, ethically driven and in tune with what their customers care about. A strategically executed and dynamic QR code such as those delivered by our Blue Bite brand can achieve this and much more. The rewards are high but without the right approach, so are the risks. To maximize QR codes and reap the many potential benefits, brands should aim to work with a trusted partner with proven experience in connecting brands dynamically and thus more powerfully with their users. By doing so, they are more likely to achieve long-term customer loyalty. Through sharing a relevant and compelling marketing story, the QR code can help brands ensure that their product is the one that consumers choose.


A world of brand marketing possibilities

Our Blue Bite brand has been one of the pioneers in the smart products space for more than 15 years. We work with both big and small companies across a multitude of sectors, such as footwear and wine. By replacing traditional static online pages with dynamic content generated by using advanced logic and artificial intelligence, we can create unique digital experiences that reflect our customers products, engage their users and boost brand satisfaction. With the Smart Products platform, unlike a TV or online ad, brands can communicate digitally with consumers where and when they want, turning static labels into interactive experiences with a simple scan. Blue Bite’s Experience Studio allows brands to personalize the content customers receive to further grow the connection between consumer and brand. Why not concentrate on other pressing matters while you let Blue Bite do the heavy lifting to grow your brand loyalty hassle-free?

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