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  • How to combat counterfeiting in the health industry

    The COVID-19 crisis has put unprecedented stress on healthcare product manufacturers for personal protective equipment (PPE), ventilators, vaccines, and targeted treatments...

  • Protecting your brand in emerging markets

    While counterfeit goods can be a found in just about every corner of the globe, in developed markets we used to associate them with street vendors and questionable public fairs or markets...

  • The most wonderful time of the year... for counterfeiters

    It’s almost peak holiday shopping season and consumers are once again on the lookout for that perfect gift. However, this year is unlike any other with the events of the last 18-months putting stress on supply chains around the world.

  • At-home coronavirus test kits: the real counterfeiter's dream

    In March of 2020, we knew so much less than we do now about COVID-19. One thing we did know, however, was that testing would be a critical element in fighting the pandemic...

  • Pharma brands shouldn’t wait to aggregate

    Is a deadline an obligation or an opportunity? That’s something many pharmaceutical companies, particularly in the US, are considering right now as they look ahead to November 27, 2023...

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