Technologies to code on metal and plastic industrial parts


Ensure traceability and regulatory compliance when coding your metal and plastic industrial parts


Your challenges
Metal and plastic industrial parts, used in the aerospace and automotive industries, are coded for a number of reasons, including brand and part identification, traceability, anti-counterfeiting measures, and regulatory compliance. Some applications may require that the parts be static while the printhead moves, others that the parts are in motion while the printhead remains fixed.
Our offer
We offer four different coding solutions, depending on your different needs when coding metal as untreated metal, painted metal or hard plastic or rubber parts, or other related substances. 
Our line of SmartLase laser coders comes in four different wavelengths, with the shortest wavelength working well on bare metal and the others more suitable for high contrast printing on painted metal and some plastics. 
For plastics not compatible with lasers, we also offer continuous inkjet, thermal inkjet, and valvejet printer technologies using dedicated inks. Each of these printers has unique advantages. 



Peak Pipe Systems | Innovative solution helps print missing codes
When Peak Pipe Systems Ltd, contacted Markem-Imaje to help code a length of pipe already on site, it was clear that the job would require a flexible approach.
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