Printing on aluminium


High-resolution, high-speed printing for aluminium coding or printing on lids, over large surface areas and multiple print fields. 



Coding on lids and coding on aluminium. Indeed, y
ogurts, desserts, and other products packaged in cups are often heat-sealed with a metalized polyester film lid, which provides a safety barrier against external contaminants. These types of products often come in packs and may include multiple units. High-resolution printing, therefore, must be done over multiple print fields and a large surface area, like for coding on yogurt.



As there are different grades of metalized plastic film — often with one side being aluminum coated and the other plain, different packaging printing solutions may be better adapted to some plastic film lids than others.
Able to code multiple fields at a time, the SmartLase C600 X-WIDE laser coders can cover a print area of up to 820x500 mm and can code several foil lids at once, enabling cost-efficient, high-speed production.
For high-speed and high contrast printing, we offer continuous inkjet (CIJ) printing solutions. CIJ printer models range from the 9029, easy to install and designed to optimize daily operations, to the 9450 models, designed to be fully available and improve your overall equipment efficiency (OEE). 



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