Technologies to code on wires and cables


Wire marking machine series for 100% permanent, readable codes, even in the harshest production and usage environments.



Wire marking machine for cables and wires that are often produced in environments that require printing to resist fluids, rubbing, high temperatures, and other extreme environmental factors. The material type, industry, line speed, size of the code, and required rub resistance are all elements that must be considered when choosing a wire marking machine.



Our continuous inkjet and laser solutions are specially designed for marking on cables and wires. Fast with high code visibility and contrast, they also deliver superior fluid, rubbing, and twisting resistance, which improves the product’s long-term traceability, safety, and compliance.
Our 9750 E Series inkjet printers can print up to 20% faster than other competitive models. Specialty inks are available in multiple colors, including a one-fits-all silver ink and a selection of MEK-free inks that will guarantee high contrast codes with no migration on a wide variety of substrates. It can print 3,000 km of cable without requiring printhead cleaning and is able to print precise, perfect codes on even the smallest wires, down to 1 mm.
The SmartLase laser portfolio provides a cost-efficient solution for coding on most cable and wire materials at high speeds. The SmartLase C600 BOU , SmartLase C600 X-WIDE, and SmatLase F250 coders produce permanent codes that will not fade or rub off over time, and they are available in four different wavelengths.

Cables RCT | Product identification
With its wide range of products in different sizes, colors, substrates and coding requirements, Cables RCT needs a marking solution that can handle complexity.
LAPP | High-performance cabling solutions
To update their coding system, LAPP teamed up with Markem-Imaje to develop a cutting-edge solution that couples black ink and white ink printers on each line.
Nexans | Cutting-edge technologies
To mark the 200,000 kilometers of cables manufactured per year, the Nexans production site in Bohain (France) uses inkjet printers with special inks, designed for marking cables.
PP Control | Makes connection with Markem-Imaje
PP Control & Automation has installed Markem-Imaje continuous inkjet printers, to print white or black codes on the electrical cabling for a wide variety of machinery and other applications.


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