Nature is at a crucial turning point



We take our responsibility as a manufacturer seriously and are conscious that what we do within our business can have knock-on effects on the environment.


From our founding, we have actively strived to build a cleaner and more sustainable future by:

  • Continuously adapting our operations to be as efficient and green as possible, reducing the consumption of natural resources and avoiding emissions wherever possible.
  • Developing and producing solutions that take into account life-cycle considerations and aim to reduce the environmental impact of the product and extend its usage.
  • Anticipating and respecting regulations.



We care – to do differently is unthinkable


Control industrial risks, ensure employee and customer safety, reduce environmental impact to the minimum, and continuously improve occupational health, safety, and environmental performance.

Energy efficiency

14% improvement* by optimization actions and dedicated investments

Waste production

10% improvement* by improving processes and practises in waste management

Water consumption

53% improvement* by improving processes and tracking losses

Greenhouse gas emissions

26% improvement* by dedicated actions in line with Dover's program

*Improvement against the target set in 2019


Some examples


  • Optimizing power usage: At our new manufacturing site in India, solar panels will be installed to power approximately 30% of operations. At our new Rovaltain location in France, energy is conserved through eco-friendly insulation and solar panels.
  • Circular economy of modular parts: An advanced service exchange program for complex modules enables the collection, refurbishment, and reintegration of modular parts into the used range.
  • Extend printer life with leasing: We provide our customers with a leasing service. As we are still responsible for our material it is in our interest to make them live longer while improving customer experience. 
  • Saving water: Our Keene manufacturing location reduced water consumption by 30% in 2019 by installing a closed-loop system that re-circulates cooling water for operations.

For more information on environmental topics, see the following links:

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