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Markem-Imaje helps Bioplants to improve its ESG KPIs and productivity

Jul 17, 2023, 12:42 PM by Global Communications
Markem-Imaje has helped Bioplants, France’s premier producer of aromatic organic herbs, on its path to doubling its already considerable production.

This has been achieved despite the prevalence of extremely humid conditions and whilst switching to recyclable packaging and cutting its waste.

The herb producer had the dual challenge of increasing production from three to six million jars of herbs annually by 2025 after building new 15,000m2 greenhouses, whilst also significantly boosting the sustainability of its operations, cutting both waste and using only recyclable packaging, an impossibility with many types of coders. Additionally, the high humidity required for growing 20 varieties of organic herbs would present an operational problem for many technologies, let alone permitting a doubling of production. 

Markem-Imaje proposed installing its 5800 drop-on-demand Inkjet printer using patented Touch Dry® hot melt inks enabling the elimination of an additional consumable item, the label, in Bioplant’s operations with its ability to print straight onto recyclable kraft cardboard boxes.  

“We wanted to have a system that was both more efficient and eco-responsible,” says Xavier Bossard, Operations, Digital and Logistics Project Manager at Bioplants, a subsidiary of the Swiss company Max Schwarz. “The Markem-Imaje solution proposed to Bioplants was interesting: Before that, we used a labeler, so one consumable item was created every time we labeled a package. Today we use hot-melt ink directly projected onto the cardboard that allows us to add traceability to the packages, which we did not have before.” 

Two 5800 markers were installed alongside the Markem-Imaje CoLOS® Packaging Intelligence software, both with production-boosting capabilities, and the latter with the ability to reduce waste from eliminating sub-standard marking and the need to store pre-printed inventory.  The 5800 uses patented Touch Dry® hot-melt inks which are solvent-free and safe to handle, for less environmentally harmful printing. The printer facilitates late-stage marking customization. significantly reducing the producer’s waste and inventory in one fell swoop.   

The CoLOS® software implemented alongside the coders integrates with the customer’s production line and ERP systems to digitalize, automate and verify production. It also provides data and reporting insight for optimized productivity and other key performance indicators (KPIs), like ESG KPIs. Using this software also provides Bioplants with the ability to track-and-trace and authenticate its product for the first time, enhancing brand protection and ensuring customer safety. 

Following the switch, Bioplants was able to increase its production speed to 15 cartons per minute; above its requirements to double output, while removing the previous need to use manually applied labels on products, boosting the speed and reducing the environmental impact of production. The printers’ use of Touch Dry® hot-melt ink for less environmentally impactful printing also removed the need to use both labels and preprinted corrugate case inventory plus providing the ability to print on-demand.  

“Markem-Imaje and Bioplants were made to work together: We are both committed to eco responsibility so we adapt our technology to a specific need,” says Cédric Bédon Sales Engineer at Markem-Image France. 

View the case study video. 

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