Label MI ribbons

Label MI Ribbons
for Print & Apply

Choose from our three ribbon solutions to cover all your labeling needs, whether basic or complex we guarantee you the best quality code, more production uptime and best-in class Markem-Imaje service.
All genuine Markem-Imaje ribbons are designed, developed and tested specially for use with our print and apply labelers and desktop printers to offer you the best quality in the market.

Label MI Premium Ribbons

Label MI Premium ribbons are intended for your most demanding applications such as those that require high levels of rub and solvent resistance, ideally suited for synthetic label materials.

Label MI Performance Ribbons

Label MI Performance ribbons offer a high level of versatility to code on a wide range of materials ensuring durable codes and full barcode compliance.

 Label MI Prime Ribbons Icon

Label MI Prime ribbons are the most cost-effective ribbons to secure your printed data, ensure reliable code quality and make the most of your print & apply labelers and desktop printers.


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