by Guiomar FERNANDEZ
Tuesday, July 9, 2024

Markem-Imaje UK raises money for Rainbows Hospice for Children and Young People

Markem-Imaje recognizes the importance of charitable, philanthropic donations, and non-commercial sponsorships to express our commitment and responsibility to society in a broader context. In line with the Dover Foundation's commitment to community engagement, we support organizations and programs that promote various causes, with community service among them. 

At Markem-Imaje Nottingham, UK (the Thermal Transfer Product Division), our employees are dedicated to having a positive influence beyond our operations. Therefore, each year, they commit to work alongside a charity. A few years back, employees were asked to nominate the charities they wanted to get behind. Rainbows Hospice for Children and Young People became last year's nominated charity. In April 2023, they engaged with that charity. 

To help their cause, various fundraising events were arranged, from the Robin Hood Half Marathon to the Millers Dale Abseil Challenge and the Bake-Off. 


Rainbows Hospice's significant impact on the community 

Rainbows Hospice supports hundreds of families across the East Midlands (England) whose children have serious or terminal illnesses. The care Rainbows provides is wide-ranging and includes palliative care and end-of-life care, symptom management, emergency care, respite, and short breaks and is available in the Hospice, at home, and in hospitals. 

Our employees felt a strong connection to the cause, which motivated them to raise £10,000 to cover the running cost of their hydrotherapy pool for a whole year. The use of warm water in the pool has many benefits and is known to be very relaxing, whilst helping to ease aching muscles and stiff joints. Pain can be reduced and, where movement is limited by weakness, the water helps to support limbs, reducing the effort needed to move. The experience of being in water offers a sense of freedom and relaxation and often enables more movement than on land. 


Events that made the charitable donation possible  

To achieve the fundraising target, the Nottingham team embarked on different events. 

The Wellness team looks after the division and holds activities and social events, like team building, that promote interaction among staff. They ran the Robin Hood Half Marathon on 24th September 2023, and there was a significant turnout from the staff to support and participate. They also decided to join the Millers Dale Bridge Abseil Challenge on 7th October. ​Both activities required a tremendous amount of courage and resilience and resulted in fantastic team-building experiences. Finally, to ensure they reached their goal, they decided to host a small fundraising event earlier this year. 

Events that made the charitable donation possible


Events that made the charitable donation possible

On 20th February 2024, the team participated in a Bake-Off activity. They had a wide selection of delicious cakes available for purchase, and people contributed through a donation page. 

These events not only helped them achieve the fundraising target, but they surpassed it. The total amount raised was £10,445.68. 

It was time to deliver the cheque and share the good news with Rainbows. On 15th May, the team visited Rainbows’ Hospice in Loughborough (England). Attendees from Markem-Imaje included the Wellness team from the Thermal Transfer Product Division. During this visit, they presented the cheque, brought arts and crafts for the children to enjoy, and cakes for children and staff. 

They were given a tour of the hydrotherapy pool and learned more about the facilities at Rainbows and the services the charity provides. This donation reinforces the commitment of Markem-Imaje, UK, to the local community. 

Kirsty Coxon, Corporate Partnership Fundraiser, said of the donation: “The support we have had from Markem-Imaje has been incredible and we thank them for all the wonderful fundraising they have done. Our hydrotherapy pool is invaluable for our families, for many, it is the only place their child can swim and a place they can have fun as a whole family.” 


Presenting the cheque and gifts for children and staff

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