by Oliver KOCH
Wednesday, December 20, 2023

Markem-Imaje is a ‘perfect fit’ for OEM HERMA’s labeling solutions

Our technology will help one of Europe’s top labeling solutions innovators to expand worldwide integrating Markem-Imaje coding and verification hardware with ease into its production line.

HERMA is a 117-year old family-run innovator and international reference in labeling technology located near the German city of Stuttgart, producing labeling solutions for every market segment. With over 1,100 employees and seven international locations, including its giant Filderstadt campus, the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) has been using Markem-Imaje technology for a number of years. The campus houses HERMA’s three different product divisions, two of which give the company complete technological synergy with our coding and marking and verification offer:  Namely, labels of all varieties and labeling machines, in particular labelers.

Markem-Image coding technology can be used with all types of labeling solutions, with the system varying according to the application and substrate in question. It can also be entirely integrated into automated labeling machine production lines. The latter technology is especially important to both our large fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) customers and HERMA’s: As companies with large-scale manufacturing and packaging operations, they require both label application at high speeds and automation that permits this.

HERMA integrates the Markem-Imaje SmartDate® range of thermal transfer overprinters (TTO) into its labeling machines, including the 362E, its high-speed solution for tight spaces, labeling up to 200 products per minute. The SmartDate® range aligns perfectly with the required production speed, coding 220 printed packs per minute with a very high resolution of 300 dpi while fitting snugly into the labeling machine. This integration is also the case with the majority of HERMA’s other labeling machines which use the same HERMA 500 applicator head.


A highly versatile labeling solution

HERMA uses the Markem-Imaje SmartDate® X45 on its labels for products ranging from nail varnish to bottles of bleach, though the TTO product range can mark directly on other substrates besides paper, plastic and metallic labels, including on flexible films, pouches for liquids, stick packs and seal wrappers and bags. The SmartDate® X Series coders also have a plug-and-play solution for OEMs for example manufacturers using either horizontal or vertical fill form sealing (HFFS or VFFS), SmartDate® OEM Connect, featuring a remote and/or scalable interface and is designed to fit into very tight spaces.

The second central need that Markem-Imaje fulfils for HERMA is for verification to ensure that the alignment and quality of its print are flawless. The company uses our Detect-Plus solution which employs a camera integrated into the packaging line, meaning less need for manual supervision; and time saved that can be used on more value-added tasks.  Unlike other camera verification solutions, Detect-Plus examines the marked product itself instead of monitoring the TTO’s ribbon which can only check that ink has left the thermal ribbon but not the quality or location of the printed code.  Detect-Plus’s more sophisticated verification prevents costly product recalls and wasted material, ensuring compliant coding.  

 “For us, it's a big advantage to have a supplier who can provide marking and verification in one go,” HERMA Product Manager Jana Paul told us. “This enables us to help our customers with their own operational challenges like waste reduction and product recall reduction.”

HERMA aims to further extend its global reach, like Markem-Imaje has done over the years, and requires a reliable partner with such a worldwide network to provide the necessary sales and service support.  “Now, we want to expand our partnership and support HERMA in its global expansion,” says Simon Euler, OEM Account Manager at Markem-Imaje in Germany. “Flawless technology is key for end-user satisfaction, but our OEM partners also expect an excellent sales organization, great product management, and a global service network, and we can provide all of these.”

Markem-Imaje currently has over 2,500 Original Equipment Manufacturers including many employing HFFs and VFFs across our network worldwide in multiple market verticals and different areas of production from those manufacturing labeling solutions to industrial mixing equipment, ensuring best-in-class solutions for all end-customers whether they are FCMG, pharma or extrusion producers.

Watch our video HERMA and Markem-Imaje, A Joint Partnership Supporting Global Explanation.

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