by Noemi MUÑOZ
Tuesday, April 16, 2024

The Markem-Imaje Customer Portal offers added value to clients

The Markem-Imaje Customer Portal is making it even quicker and easier for companies to purchase the Markem-Imaje products they need via its one-stop e-shop. The portal enables customers in North America, Europe, Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico to request quotes and place, manage, plus keep track of their orders of Markem-Imaje consumables and spare parts. Aimed at supporting plant managers, purchasing managers, and order specialists, the e-commerce portal accelerates the entire process of purchasing coding supplies.


Product purchasing and quotes advanced

Our self-service portal helps to accelerate purchasing by enabling customers to order the products they require from across the range of Markem–Imaje consumables and spare parts. It streamlines every stage of the ordering process, as and when required. All customers need to do is log into their account and place their order.

As a global company, we aim to maximize productivity and flexibility for our customers, many of whom operate across different territories. The portal gives our customers the flexibility and autonomy to order their supplies from anywhere, 24 hours a day. It also provides up-to-date information on customers’ accounts so that they can view their exact order status whenever they choose, rather than waiting for a response to a phone call or an email. Customers see increases in efficiency because the portal allows them to order the right product, in the right quantity, at the right time, and in precise alignment with their stock levels.


e-Commerce portal offers added value to Markem-Imaje clients


Centralized account insight

Rather than tracking orders across different systems, customers now have a single centralized hub through which to gain a comprehensive overview of their account and order status, an advantage for many multi-plant companies, with decentralized operations spread across many locations. This simplifies and centralizes the process of managing and ordering consumables plus parts as well as providing a view of a company’s purchases. It removes the need to collate information and cuts down on the risk of lost data or having to repeat or check purchasing tasks. Instead, the portal retains all customer order data, as well as allowing access to up-to-date tracking information. Customers can request a quote, see and download their order acknowledgement, confirmation, and invoice, reorder, return items if required, plus request a follow-up and also receive product certifications.


How it works

Inside the portal, Markem-Imaje customers have easy access to their entire installed base. Under "My Equipment“, they can find information about their installed printers: their serial number, warranty status plus maintenance contracts. They will then also find the available supplies for each Markem-Imaje printer and can update their installed base.


Innovating for continuous improvement

The self-service portal adds to the capabilities of Markem-Imaje in providing a direct link to connected services to enhance customer support like self-troubleshooting which drastically reduces downtime by empowering customers to resolve printer issues themselves.

The portal already has 9,000 users from 4,000 companies, including many of our top FMCG customers. Customers can register by using the QR code shown below or by going to

Here is just some of the feedback we received from customers using the e-portal to date:

“I love this website! It's the easiest to navigate over any other site I've used”

“Very easy site to purchase from. The clear prompts and streamlined appearance makes the process trouble-free.”

“I find it very easy and convenient to order from my favorites tab. Makes my life and processing purchase orders easier. Thank you!”

“I love the site. Easy to navigate, has past orders listed, and can just click the re-order if needed. Gives tracking and calculates everything!”

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