by Matt DEERAN
Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Country Focus: Markem-Imaje Australia

It’s an exciting time to be working for Markem-Imaje in Australia. I lead our direct sales team across Australia and the wider Oceania region.

We’re a large country and one of the biggest challenges is distance. Our dedicated sales teams work hard to cover large areas of the country across six territories from Perth to Brisbane and as far south as Tasmania. 

There’s no such thing as a typical day or a typical Markem-Imaje customer. We provide solutions to businesses of all sizes from pharmaceutical companies at the heart of cities to suppliers of fresh fruit and vegetables in rural areas. 

Country focus: Australia

Our offering will be familiar to many of Markem-Imaje’s customers. This ranges from laser to continuous inkjet (CIJ), thermal transfer, DoD and Print&Apply, and extrusion - alongside newer offerings such as Blue Bite and Solaris.

What sets us apart from the competition is our ability to offer end-to-end solutions. This means not only can we meet the needs of a huge variety of customers at any point along a product journey, but we can also provide an integrated joined-up solution for those who need traceability from the factory into the consumers’ homes. 

Traceability is essential for products in our many heavily-regulated sectors such as medicines and food. The benefits of traceability go beyond compliance, however - ranging from better managing potential hazards that can lead to product recalls, to product safety, and even catering to consumer appetite for initiatives such as “farm to fork” where meat and fresh produce authenticity can be traced from the farm to point of sale. 

Counterfeiting is a real threat to brand owners in most markets and Australia is no exception. This is an area where our Blue Bite/Systech product can not only support brands battling against fake goods but help deepen customer engagement. It’s a great solution for all kinds of brands and lets our team have different types of conversations with customers whose brands are at risk from counterfeit goods from Asia and who also want to deliver a better customer experience. A good example here are providers of luxury goods such as our excellent vineyards as well as fashion retailers. 

Gone are the days of brands being limited by the confines of physical space on the packaging, products, and other marketing materials. Blue Bite is a connected product platform that uses product and consumer information to provide product authentication, traceability, brand storytelling, and other functionalities that ultimately drive incremental sales. 

Our customers are looking to us to support them in a wide variety of challenges – from adapting to changes in regulation and legislation, counterfeiting and pirated goods, to recent huge shifts in consumer behavior. I’m fortunate lucky that Markem-Imaje has the tools and the team that mean we can support them to meet those challenges.
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