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  • A sweeter solution to brand protection via candy packaging for confectionery

    In the confectionery industry, brand quality equals trust. The success of confectionery brands is defined by the strong emotional connections that consumers have with products such as a favourite chocolate bar or familiar sweet treat...

  • How switching to laser coding can help with your sustainability KPIs

    The new generation of eco-savvy consumers are demanding more sustainable packaging as part of concerted efforts to reduce manufacturing’s environmental footprint, particularly in the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCCG) sector – and this is driving the transition to more recyclable substrates.

  • Design your production marking system to meet UDI requirements

    Regulatory requirements for product labeling present both benefits and challenges for manufacturers. This is certainly the case for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) classification of cosmetic products such as toothpaste with medical benefits (and similar “cosmetics-related” frequent use substances or mixtures) as medical devices within its Unique Device Identification (UDI) system.

  • Ensure brand protection for the candy market with laser marking

    With growing consumer awareness and evolving regulatory requirements driving the need for greater traceability, transparency and thus brand protection, there is a shift towards additional data embedded within product coding on candy box packaging.

  • How laser marking is leaving an indelible mark on the cosmetics industry

    In the cosmetics world, packaging is integral to the product. High-end items like luxury moisturizers, perfumes and make-up are defined not only by their contents but by the look, feel and quality of the materials that contain them.

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