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Markem-Imaje launches the 9750 E CIJ range: industry first innovations for extrusion marking & coding

Mar 22, 2023, 11:34 AM by Global Communications
Markem-Imaje has today launched the 9750 E continuous inkjet (CIJ) printer range, bringing to market industry first innovations for the extrusion sector.


The 9750 E, 9750 E+ and 9750 Ew+ coders offer the market’s most advanced solutions for wire and cable marking and coding. This includes the first ever dual dye and pigment ink CIJ printer for the extrusion sector and, a brand new dedicated printhead with Jet Speed Control to maintain width and legibility of wire coding – avoiding the ‘accordion’ effect on some wire coding.

The range of three models includes the 9750 E which offers a sustainable and easily customizable coder integration into an industry 4.0 plant, alongside one of the highest uptimes. Ensuring easy integration into the production line, the 9750 E is the only coder with a 24-pin interface customizable to accept any of the 70+ signals manufacturers might choose. It is designed for minimizing service-related downtime, with key parts replaced at the same time and offering up to 18,000 hours between major services – one of the market’s longest service intervals.

The 9750 E+ includes these features plus the industry first polyvalent ink circuit, meaning it is the first CIJ for the extrusion sector to be able to use both dye and pigment inks for marking and coding. Manufacturers of wire and cable frequently need to use both inks, this is as a result of the broad range of products and applications involved. Previously manufacturers using both inks required two types of coders, with the 9750+ this is no longer necessary. This dual ink innovation streamlines inventory, maintenance, and spare parts requirements, giving extrusion manufacturers increased flexibility and lower costs.

Also adding to MI’s innovations in extrusion marking and coding is the 9570 Ew+ which, alongside all of the above, features a dedicated printhead designed specifically to address the stretching of printed messages which is common with the high speed involved in wire coding. With enhanced Jet Speed Control system, the printhead ensures that printed codes maintain a similar width and legibility from start to finish. A 2 mm-wide code will remain that size, for example, thereby reducing the likelihood of scrap and rework at the factory, while improving safe usage in the field.

MI is one of the only major CIJ suppliers who offer coders which use MEK-free inks proven to work in extrusion. MI’s range cut consumables and volatile organic compound (VOCs) emissions by up to 40%, and up to 60% using the consumable-saving mode. Plus, even with MEK inks, a 35% reduction of VOC emissions is achieved when using the consumable-saving mode. Both options are available with all MI’s 9750 E models, making these coders a significant contributor to a more sustainable production line.

Guillaume Montagnat, CIJ Product Manager, MI said: “These latest innovations are the direct result of our close partnership with customers in the extrusion sector. With years of experience in this space we understand the demands and challenges, coupled with the pressure to maintain high output and profitability. As a result of our robust research and design process these brand new solutions take care of the details to provide the foundations for maximum efficiency.”

The 9750 E Series have a dedicated user interface (UI) for the extrusion market, making operations simpler and more efficient. The 9750 E Series printers produce text messages up to five lines long as well as sharp logos and characters, such as chimney and DIN numbers, on any material including LSZH, PP, PVC, PE etc. and, in several ink colors. Small 2mm wire coding or tiny electronics boards are easily achievable.

The full-featured Packaging Intelligence Suite™ software capacity allows for accurate, smart and optimized message design and data management across the factory and from a remote location. This ensures greater accuracy and efficiency.

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