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Inks and brackets make coding extruded products easier and safer

Mar 9, 2021, 08:03 AM by Global Communications
Three inks, two MEK-free options, and a one-ink-fit-all silver, as well as quick release brackets, help manufacturers maximize availability, performance, and quality.
As in most industries, manufacturers of wires, cables, pipes, and tubing want to improve their productivity, as measured by their overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). OEE is a standard method measuring manufacturing productivity composed of three key performance indicators: availability, performance, and quality. At the same time companies seek to minimize cost and hassle. The inks and brackets launched today enable these objectives.

Availability: One-ink-fits-all
So that codes can be easily read, it is often necessary to use different colored inks on different materials. In this industry, the particularly high cost of downtime means it is most cost-effective to have one printer per ink color. 

The MC469 silver ink can code all extruded products –whatever the color– making it cost and time efficient, by streamlining inventory and enabling manufacturers to run at maximum production with fewer printers and consumables. Inventory management and logistics are simpler, while production is more flexible and convenient – no more machine changes when switching products on a line.

Performance: MEK-free inks for safer coding and easier exporting
MEK-free inks reduce Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) emissions while enhancing employee safety and comfort. Their usage on product coding also simplifies importing and exporting, as MEK-based inks are controlled substances in many countries. 

Until now, however, the use of MEK-free inks has not been feasible: the drying time and adhesion of MEK-free inks was unsuitable for most wires and cables. 

The new MEK-free inks launched today have been proven, in extensive pre-launch customer trials, to deliver the required performance in these, particularly demanding applications. Employees in this sector can now enjoy better working conditions and manufacturers can improve their sustainability credentials. The regulation compliance of these two MIPK-based inks, made of Methyl Isopropyl Ketone instead of MEK, also simplifies paperwork for them.

Two colors are available to cover a wide range of extruded products: the white, EW581, and the yellow, EC582. Additionally, they have the advantage of reducing consumption and waste by up to 40% compared to standard MEK-based consumables used at 20 0C. The savings are even greater at higher temperatures as MEK-free consumables do not evaporate as quickly as MEK-based ones.

Quality: Secure code positioning every time and in 1 second
Codes are often needed to be printed on very tiny surfaces. For example, some wires need codes as small as one mm. If, following maintenance and cleaning, the coder and the printhead are not returned to the right place, codes may miss the desired surface, leading to rework and scrap.

The Intelli’Swap principle built into the 9450 E coder’s connect/disconnect brackets means that operators only need ONE second to reposition the printhead EXACTLY where it belongs. It is so simple they can even do it with one hand. No more fiddling with screws in potentially awkward places to try to put the coder back to the right position.

The above ink and bracket benefits come with those already available with the 9450 E inkjet coder. These include a mistake-proof user interface and up to 3,000* kilometers of cable printing without printhead cleaning. The automatic cleaning system, coupled with Intelli’Jet technology, provides clean, hassle-free start-ups and high-quality codes, always. High contrast, durable codes are delivered at high speeds, including on polyethylene (PE) which is especially challenging in terms of adhesion. Codes produced by this coder and ink combination last even when subjected to rough environmental conditions in the marketplace.

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