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CoLOS helps you get immediate alerts for printer problems to your mobile devices and instantaneous access to printer performance indicators and dashboards. It can also increase productivity by measuring, displaying, reporting and acting on OEE KPIs using information obtained directly from printing and other line equipment.


CoLOS Printer Performance

CoLOS Printer Performance


Once production is up and running, CoLOS® Printer Performance enables you to get immediate alerts for printer problems to your mobile devices and instantaneous access to printer performance indicators and dashboards.


Instant visibility of printer performance
  • Access to your marking and coding activities printer performance from one comprehensive dashboard.
  • Anticipate changing consumables and identify low printer availability. Review and analyze your historical production data with exported data files.
  • Access your printer data and performance dashboard from any compatible user interface or mobile device connected to your factory network.
Greater uptime
  • Check displays and logs printer pack-rate, availability and consumable consumption no matter where you are.
  • Get immediate event-based alerts when an incident occurs.
  • Identify existing bottlenecks and performance losses due to usage issues to implement process improvements on continuous basis.


CoLOS Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

CoLOS Overall Equipment Effectiveness


Through CoLOS® OEE, you can increase your productivity even further by gaining better insight into performance losses and bottlenecks so that you can take the right corrective measures and then, follow up your line improvement gains.


Quicker, deeper insights into production issues
  • CoLOS® OEE collects real-time data from Markem-Imaje printers and other devices, on the packaging line to compute OEE with key performance indicators (KPIs) of availability, performance, and quality.
  • Browser-based dashboards highlight KPI losses and downtime reasons, allowing operators and supervisors to take steps quickly to address any problems.
  • You can make data-driven decisions from an analysis of historical reports to drive productivity by tackling key downtime, performance and quality losses quickly and continuously, with an expected gain of 10-15% on critical lines.
Easy to implement
  • An add-on module available for use with the market-leading CoLOS® Information Management System.
  • CoLOS® OEE can be used straight out of the box but is still 100% configurable without needing custom coding to tailor the software to your needs.
  • Suitable for a multi-step approach from one line to full-site deployment, with optional workflow engine for advanced configuration of site-specific processes.


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