Scalable solution addressing your product identification challenges today and tomorrow


CoLOS enhances product identification and traceability at once, furthermore it increases production efficiency while reducing coding- and printing-related waste. Finally, it also protects your brand by ensuring coding integrity and making recalls easier to execute.

Beyond providing product identification and traceability our software CoLOs' live and historical production reports are available to give enhanced visibility and insights into your coding and printing performance, quality and compliance.

You can run CoLOS from your office, shop floor or server room. Connectivity to printers, production devices, and company data sources is established over Ethernet. And, a user management system ensures employees access the CoLOS interfaces most appropriate to their role and location, from desktop, tablet and mobile devices. CoLOS works within your cybersecurity environment and has various backup options.

CoLOS is modular and scalable so you can adapt it to fit your exact needs by considering three factors:

  • What challenges are you trying to solve?
  • How large is your production operation?
  • What extra functionality do you need?


We understand the product identification and traceability challenges you face throughout the lifecycle of your products



Nutrition & Santé | The demand for perfection
Nutrition & Santé has stepped up its traceability needs to deliver “zero marking error” products. Markem-Imaje provided the solution with its Mark & Read system to achieve it.
Noberasco | At the heart of innovation
At the leading-edge in products and processes, Noberasco has chosen Markem-Imaje as its printing partner to ensure long term quality and reliability.
Nexans | Cutting-edge technologies
To mark the 200,000 kilometers of cables manufactured per year, the Nexans production site in Bohain (France) uses inkjet printers with special inks, designed for marking cables.
Sabarot Wassner | When tradition meets modernity
Save time, reduce the risk of errors, clearly identify products and guarantee technical
reliability: these were the specifications defined by Sabarot for its identification
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