Серия 2200 предлагает широкий выбор решений для печати и нанесения этикеток: от простой маркировки кейсов до высокоскоростной маркировки торца упаковки и нанесения маркировки с нескольких сторон.
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Efficient and reliable GS1 compliant solutions for all case and pack labelling requirements.

Ваши задачи
You are looking for a high-speed labeler that will improve product traceability and inventory control through reliable, consistent label application, reducing product recalls.  You may have complex labeling requirements, such as front or pack, or varying product labeling demands from small batch operations. You require a labeler that is user-friendly, with reduced operational interventional to maximize production line availability and efficiency while minimizing the possibility of human error. 
Наше решение
The 2200 Series features distinctive technologies that will help you to achieve a great cost of ownership through maximum production uptime, high performance, and minimum downtime. No more missing label or jams thanks to its consistent label application via optimized label path, automatic label tension and integrated pad label sensor. Choose among a wide range of interchangeable applicators best suited for each of your applications, minimising the need for line changes and expensive modifications. 

Ключевые преимущества
The 2200 Series Case and Pack labeler efficiently maximizes your uptime with several features that reduce line stoppages and downtime associated with media change. Able to print and apply with several types of applicators at up to 125 packs per minute, regardless of the complexity of the code, the 2200 Series provides faultless traceability with Compliant ANSI grade A/B codes, even at the highest application speeds. Designed to reduce operational errors, the CoLOS based Production Interface allows you to select your labels from either a local or remote data source enabling operators to visualize real production data in a large color display.

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2200 Pallet

Markem-Imaje’s 2200 Series provides a flexible range of pallet labeling solutions, from simple single face labeling to full GS1 compliant pallet labeling.

Designed for the toughest manufacturing environments, CimPak pallet labeling systems ensures labeling compliance and traceability in the supply chain.
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