Late-stage box printing improves your operations significantly. Discover how!


Do you want to save packaging costs, inventory carrying costs, storage space and waste?​


Preprinted vs printed on-line boxes with Touch Dry

Do you want to increase production line efficiency, throughput and minimize operator errors?

Do you want to simplify and speed up the process of launching new product packaging?

Instead of using pre-printed boxes, have you considered digitalizing the personalization of your boxes and cases and print on-line, to achieve lower costs, greater efficiency, and more sustainable operations while also protecting your brand?​

At Markem-Imaje, we work with multiple leading brands globally who consistently tell us that implementing online late-stage customization of generic boxes using our dedicated solutions is the way to achieve all the above.​

By combining Markem-Imaje’s late-stage box printing hardware, the Touch Dry® High-Resolution Inkjet printer range, or Print & Apply range of labeling machines, with our CoLOS® Packaging Intelligence software, you can:




 Cost savings 
  • Reduce significantly the number of box variants, their costs, inventory, storage space and labor costs. ​
  • Increase production uptime performing job changeovers digitally, with the ability to extend production runs if needed.​
  • Reduce time to market and new boxes costs, with new box variants approved and launched in minutes rather than days.
  • Improve your operations agility and support your digitalization initiatives.
  • Limit waste by avoiding human errors, outdated inventory and damaged cases.​



Customers prove generic bests pre-printed boxes using Markem-Imaje technology​


Preprinted vs printed on-line boxes with Print & Apply

Multiple Markem-Imaje customers have reduced their boxes references by up to 80% or more with positive impacts felt instantly across their packaging operations and on their pockets while avoiding the hassle of pre-printed packaging boxes. For example, a leading cereals producer reduced their SKU references from 600 to just 24 for 16 production lines using combined our Touch Dry® printers and CoLOS® software suite. Another customer, using the same solutions, has saved over 100,000 dollars per year in printing plates and dyes since digitalizing their boxes printing when creating or modifying the artwork.​

Customers using the Markem-Imaje CoLOS® software suite and 2200 Series Print & Apply labeling technology for box printing, produce labels on the spot instead of custom printed boxes achieving savings, increasing uptime as well as reducing and simplifying the launch of new products while ensuring the highest ANSI grade barcode standards.

​Markem-Imaje has over 30 years of experience innovating in Touch Dry® printing technology, 2200 Series and CoLOS® Software Suite and working with FMCG customers on optimizing late-stage customization of their printed boxes, with a return of investment of typically between less than 12 and up to 18 months.






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