Markem-Imaje Rental Program:

A scalable rental program for turnkey coding solutions


Confidence 360 rental program

The purpose of Markem-Imaje’s Confidence 360 Program is to design a turnkey coding solution that perfectly fits your unique needs, allowing you to maximize efficiency, reduce waste, meet compliance metrics, and protect your brand.

Modular and flexible, Confidence 360 finds the ideal balance between quality and cost, maximizing your investment returns.


Personalized rental program
Custom package to meet your exact rental needs
No budgetary surprises!
A personalized, scalable, and cost-effective rental program.
A custom bundle of equipment, consumables, software, and coding solutions to meet your exact needs.
A fixed monthly or quarterly payment for three to five years, eliminating the need for a hefty upfront investment.


Your benefits


Protect your cashflow―Achieve faster ROI and release funds for core business investments.

Cover all your bases―Choose the solution that best fits your needs without being limited by the full purchase price.

Optimize equipment efficiency―Minimize consumption and maximize system performance thanks to consumables and services designed specifically for your solution.

Enjoy simple budgeting―No budgetary surprises—your monthly or quarterly payment is fixed.

Simplify operations―Risk-free operations and reduced administrative work for both new agreements and renewals.

Capitalize on installed base flexibility―Scalable solutions and agreements permit your coding solution to change and grow with your business.


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