SmartLase F200

SmartLase F200

New compact fiber laser: For polymers and metals.


The SmartLase F200, compliments our SmartLase C Series CO2 range, is designed to be a high quality code solution for polymers and bare metals. The F200 provides permanent high quality, high contrast codes on a variety of rigid plastics (PE/PP), bare metals and other substrates commonly used in the food and cosmetics as well as other industries. The permanence of these codes ensures long-term traceability of your product.

Your benefits

  • High contrast permanent coding onto metals, plastic to ensure long-term traceability.
  • Superior laser source lifetime = 100,000 hours.
  • Easy head integration due to the print head compactness: 460mm.
  • Pointing diode facilitates accurate code placement on the substrate.


CIJ or Laser?

It is not always easy to decide whether to go for CIJ or Laser when selecting the right coding technology to print on the food and beverage packaging.

Make the right choice

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