A Cutting Edge Coder

Markem-Imaje’s new thermal transfer coder offers optimized, efficient, fast and unrivalled printing. Let’s take a closer look at SmartDate X40’s unique features…


Fast. SmartDate X40 can print – in either continuous or intermittent mode – up to 600 mm/s, with a print speed that covers 75 to 80% of manufacturers’ needs… without compromising quality: in high resolution mode, printing at 300 dpi or 12 dots /mm. The coder can be configured for left or right hand operation being very easy to change on site.

Durable. The new 3820 ribbon is 1,100 meters long… i.e. up to 83% longer than its predecessor, the 3810 (600 m). 


Increased ribbon length extends the interval between changeovers and the new ribbon also reduces waste by up to 20% optimizing the packaging process.

Optimal. Choice of the interface type (color or mono), and printhead that matches the size of the message to be printed (see box) are both options which help optimize customer investment. 


The new CoLOS® Create 5.0 software also suggests a series of tips and techniques to make maximum use of the ribbon and thereby reduce the cost of consumables.

Targeted. SmartDate X40 has been specifically designed for the food industry. It will nevertheless win the support of manufacturers wishing to enhance the customization of their products with barcodes, logos, complex messages on flexible supports, as well as on labels or boxes.


A Printhead Leading to Quality

A key advantage of SmartDate X40 is it printhead offerings, which are available in 32 mm or in 53 mm widths. This is a unique feature for this type of coder. Until now, customers simply used the standard 53 mm width since no choice was offered even if their application did not require it. Another key advantage is the smart chip embedded on the printheads. This chip offers a number of benefits to customers; the unique dead-dot detection feature for example. Whenever a dot has faded, the information is sent to the controller. The operator can then check print quality and anticipate when the printhead will need to be changed. Easy and practical to use, printhead parameters are set automatically with no manual intervention required.



With the economic crisis, the rise in environmental awareness and fierce international competition resulting from globalization, industrial manufacturing processes are increasingly turning to new ideals. They strive to reduce costs, guarantee optimum efficiency and implement environmentally- sound practices. Today, terms such as “availability” or “packaging line efficiency” play a prominent part in our customers’ requirements. Moreover, the trend towards automation in the 2000s is now leading to the optimization of processes, focusing primarily on our installed base. Successful optimization depends on an OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) monitoring system on packaging lines. With this in mind, SmartDate X40, with its key features (cost reduction, unmatched reliability, operation optimization and eco-initiative), is in perfect tune with market demand.

Serge Joris,
Strategic Accounts Europe

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