A More Economical Coder

Less compressed air, less waste, less energy…  The design of SmartDate X40 speaks the truth about Markem-Imaje’s commitment to the environment.


Since 2008, Markem-Imaje’s environmental policy has been redefined. The objective? To offer safer, more economical marking solutions. Concretely speaking, new product design and development need to be “greener.” The new SmartDate X40 thermal transfer coder perfectly illustrates this strategy. In line with the European RoHS directive which restricts the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment, SmartDate X40 has been designed, innovation in mind, to be more environmentally friendly. It therefore fits squarely with Markem-Imaje’s sustainable development policy.


LOWER CONSUMPTION. “Thermal transfer printing technology requires the use of compressed air,” explains Andy Gray, SmartDate X40 product marketing manager. “With its 32 mm printhead, available as an option, this coder needs much less air than its competitors: only 0.4 ml per print at 2.5 bars.” Power consumption has also been reduced by half. In order to further reduce its carbon footprint, SmartDate X40 has a “power saving” feature: “When the machine is not used for a certain amount of time, it automatically switches to stand-by mode, thus reducing its power consumption. Users can configure this function to suit their requirements.» 


Finally, the exceptional length of its ribbon (read box) generates less waste. With SmartDate X40, the market sees the world through green-tinted spectacles…


3820: An Extra-Long Ribbon

A key feature of SmartDate X40 is its extra-long 3820 ribbon, 1,100 meters. Not only does it need to be changed less often, its new design is lighter in overall weight. The result: up to 20% less waste. The manufacturing process has also been revised leading to a 10% reduction in the carbon footprint in comparison with the previous 3810 ribbon. Finally, software solutions have been developed to optimize ribbon use and consumption, with ribbons lasting up to 10% longer!


A Lower Impact

Analysis of the carbon footprint of SmartDate 5 had highlighted the significant impact of ribbons and energy consumption on the environment. The design and development phases for SmartDate X40 allowed us to work on these two areas and hence improve the overall environmental performance of this new product. Energy consumption has been reduced by fine-tuning two elements on the coder: electric power and compressed air use. For the ribbons, our new CoLOS® Create 5.0. software, developed as part of the project, has increased their lifetime. These innovations will have direct knock on effects for the customer. In other words, customers will see a reduction in the volume of waste and will lower their energy bills.

Sebastien Marcel,
Global Environment Manager

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