Remarkable Reliability

Reliability, simplicity, transparency: three qualities that make SmartDate X40 a coder that Markem-Imaje customers can rely on.


This had already been proved by the success of SmartDate 5: Markem-Imaje has the expertise in designing and manufacturing highly reliable thermal transfer coders. With SmartDate X40, the Group goes even further. “SmartDate X40 displays its availability ratio. i.e. the percentage of time for which it is available to print. And this ratio can be as high as 99.6%,” explains Andy Gray, SmartDate X40 product marketing manager. 


This is indeed, tangible proof to users on the reliability of this new coder. The availability ratio can be measured with or without cassette changes, since midnight of the prior evening or since installation. Clearly displayed on the color screen, it can be easily checked by anyone: both operators and workshop managers. Another significant factor is the coder’s robustness linked to the absence of wear parts in the cassette and printer. 


The result is that no preventive maintenance is required. “We’ve extended our manufacturer’s warranty to 18 months, the longest in this sector,” concludes Andy Gray. “We’ve also committed to offering a warranty on the thermal head of ‘zero dead-dots’. If a ‘dead-dot’ appears within the first 40 km or first year, we will replace the printhead free of charge.”


Proven Quality

As done for 9232, we have increased the number of SmartDate X40 coders to be tested. We have doubled the duration of real tests while also carrying out accelerated tests on specific machines. This testing process has enabled us to check the unmatched qualities of the printhead. The validation and qualification processes have revealed that the reliability of the printhead goes beyond what was originally expected. Moreover, reliability calculations have been confirmed with testing. They demonstrate that our technical expertise to reduce wearing of components, should have a very positive outcome in the long run.

Alain Pagnon,
Product Reliability and Regulatory Compliance Director

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