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Consumables: Essential Markem-Imaje expertise

Innovation, safety, reliability… All assets that allow Markem-Imaje to come up with a range of ultra-high quality consumables. Objective: Maximize the performance of coders and printers.

Total synergy between printers and consumables: To serve this ambition, Markem-Imaje has introduced an approach that begins right from the printer design stage. “We never create a new model without simultaneously considering the consumables capable of optimizing its performance,” explains Pauline Bouteiller, Consumables product manager. Teams of chemists are tasked with developing new formulations and improving existing inks. They also develop high-tech inks at the specific request of customers. Resins, dyes, pigments and additives undergo compulsory testing and all consumables are qualified in the printers they are destined to be used in. This approach guarantees the long-term reliability of coders, as well as the quality and resistance of codes.

RoHS, Reach… all Markem-Imaje consumables meet these standards. So there are no heavy metals or “risky substances,” guaranteeing maximum safety for operators and consumers. An active monitoring system means that formulas are constantly re-evaluated and requalified to ensure they remain in line with the legislation. Another advantage relates to the logistics chain. With production centers around the globe, there’s no danger of running out of consumables!

ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications guarantee the quality of processes and products and ensure that environmental impacts are under control at the Group’s production sites.
A team of 25 technicians specialized in the qualification of consumables, carry out their work in 700 m2 of laboratory space and 10 climatic chambers. On average, around a hundred printers are tested for each ink reference.
Standard references are available straight away, with a delivery rate of 98% throughout the world. The integrity of packaging during transportation is guaranteed by an independent laboratory.

The expert’s opinion…


… Chemical R&E Director

“Specialized, reactive teams”

MARKEM-IMAJE’S R&E CHEMISTRY DEPARTMENT INCLUDES TWO TEAMS MADE UP OF CHEMISTS AND CHEMICAL TECHNICIANS – 10 people in Keene (USA) and 11 in Bourg-lès-Valence (France). These teams spearhead chemical ink formulation development and research. The first team specializes in developing inks for Hot Melt inkjet, drop-on-demand inkjet, and conventional printing. The second team concentrates on continuous inkjet. For many years, first in Keene, and now in Bourg-lès-Valence, these experts have been advancing our chemistry capabilities through the implementation of advanced analytical tools and methodologies. As a result, it’s now possible to rapidly identify a chemical problem, determine the root cause, and quickly develop a solution. Even though the two teams are located in different countries, they exchange their ideas on a regular basis regarding research projects, brainstorm together… They learn from one another, in order to be able to anticipate, develop, and meet our customers’ consumable needs.



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