A Highly Competitive Machine

The new flagship model of the 9000 Series offers the best total cost of ownership on the market... Pascal Vergniaud, 9232 product marketing manager, outlines its benefits.


Energy-efficient and economical. This is one of 9232’s strong points. The capacity of its ink cartridges has been increased to up to 90 million characters per liter. As far as additive is concerned, consumption can be reduced by up to 2.5 ml/h when using the new range of MEK-free inks.

Optimized printing. The print performance of 9232 has been substantially enhanced: up to 5 lines of text instead of 4, font height ranging from 5 to 32 dots instead of 24 dots previously. 9232 is available in mono-jet, offering a 20% faster print speed on average.


Multiple integration options. 9232 maintains this key advantage of the range. Compact and light, it can be integrated in three ways: table-top, mounted on a vertical surface or mounted on a stand. If necessary, it can be moved between production lines quickly and easily.

Enhanced humidity protection. The cabinet of 9232 is made of 100% stainless steel with enhanced IP55 humidity protection, requiring no plant air. This is a significant asset in the food and beverage industry given the often humid environment with frequent washdowns... And for dusty atmospheres, an IP65 version is also available. 


A safe cartridge system. Objective: Save time. It only takes 30 seconds to change the cartridges, with no need to stop printing. The operation is completely safe: operators do not come into contact with the liquids and its foolproof system makes it impossible to mix up ink and additive.


An Intelligent Printhead

It makes life easier! 9232 printhead offers a number of clever tricks. It incorporates a new 65-micron nozzle which generates smaller drops and thus reduces ink and solvent consumption. This results in an increase in print capacity of cartridges by 25%! The automatic printhead flushing system has been specially designed to ensure reliable start-ups in every situation. An electronic sensor constantly measures the position of the jet: it triggers an alarm if the jet deviates from its nominal trajectory and cutsan incorrect trajectory. No more interrupted printing! Its reliability is further enhanced by its stainless steel cabinet ensuring greater resistance to shocks. Finally, the printhead can be detached from the umbilical cable as to make maintenance possible on defective parts only. What more could you ask for?  off the ink supplyif the jet follows 


A Genuine Advance

What our customers want is a faster, higher-performance and more energy-efficient production line, the aim being to reduce their production costs while protecting the environment. 9232 meets all these criteria, as demonstrated by its excellent total cost of ownership, ensuring customers are able to control their costs. Designed to offer an optimal OEE* (Overall Equipment Effectiveness), 9232 displays its consumption and availability ratio on its touch screen. All this means that Markem-Imaje can make a commitment in terms of its performance: a true innovation in the coding market. Finally, this new generation printer fits squarely with the environmental concerns of today’s market, with longer-lasting consumables, fewer maintenance requirements, less waste… aspects that simultaneously reduce both users’ costs and their carbon footprint!

Antonio Barris, 
Group Sales Director

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