A Concrete Commitment

Markey-Imaje makes a tangible commitment to its customers by measuring the availability ratio of 9232. A revolution in the world of printing...


Being reliable and proving it: that is the objective of 9232, which offers a number of innovations for maximum efficiency on production lines. Reliability has been enhanced, with a robust cabinet and print head made of stainless steel, a revised and improved ink circuit, an ultra flexible Teflon umbilical cable... “Above all, the major innovation is that our customers can see the availability ratio of their printer for themselves on our new user interface,” explains Pascal Vergniaud, 9232 product marketing manager. 


This 7-inch wide color touch screen system has an innovative and intuitive menu architecture. “We worked on the basis of hundreds of interviews conducted with customers and users since 2007 as to incorporate their needs.” This approach has allowed for the design of a highly operational interface. “It provides real-time information on print capacity and estimates the average number of messages that can yet be printed, on the basis of speed and content. 


It is possible to zoom in on the printed message preview and even use the ‘drag-and-drop’ function, just like a smartphone!” This reliability enables Markem-Imaje to offer 9232 with a parts and labor warranty extended from 12 to 18 months as standard. Another benefit: preventive maintenance intervals have also been extended to an average of 18 months.


Calculation of Availability Ratio

The reliability of 9232 is demonstrated primarily by its availability ratio, which measures the ratio between the time the machine is operating correctly (uptime) and the total production time scheduled. For 9232, the availability ratio is 99.6% without assistance! The printer automatically calculates this ratio, which is accessible in a specific menu. A fault history enables rapid identification of malfunctions, aids diagnosis and reduces intervention times.


Proven Reliability

In order to bring to market a product with demonstrated reliability, we designed a trustworthy methodology, using highly effective testing methods. For 9232 this led to a doubling of the number of machines tested in the different configurations. The availability measurements have demonstrated that once on the production line, the printer requires only a few minutes of attention per week. The availability measurements, which have been confirmed by experience, demonstrate that the efforts made to limit the number of wear parts and simplify printer maintenance will have a positive impact in the long run.

Alain Pagnon,
Product Reliability and Regulatory Compliance Director

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