CoLOS industrial software solutions


Colos software is the result of our understanding of the product identification and traceability challenges you face throughout the lifecycle of your products. Today’s industrial coding and packaging must comply with changing regulations, keep products safe and be traceable throughout the supply chain.

Our Colos software solutions deliver automated coding optimization, product authentication and end-to-end supply chain tracking capabilities to meet these demanding requirements—all while increasing productivity and minimizing human error and costs.


Message Management

Our package coding and label management automation helps you accurately handle complex messages and streamline production. Reduce the costs of manual entry and message data maintenance by up to 90% and cut changeover duration by up to 50%.

Automated message design, fewer mistakes

  • Design and manage complex messages from one central, intuitive interface
  • Accelerate line startup and changeover time, SKU data entry, and message data maintenance
  • Minimize risk of operator error and time spent manually copying data across production lines
  • Powered by CoLOS®

Packaging Verification

Our automated inspection solutions combine robust machine vision with intuitive interfaces to provide a one-stop shop for integrated printing and verification. Our seamless platform confirms that your packaging and industrial coding are consistently compliant and of the highest quality.

Advanced vision inspection, dependable verification 

  • Verify package labeling, contents, and data for a broad variety of container types
  • Scan and check 100% of codes and prints to detect and correct errors in real-time
  • Minimize waste and prevent lost hours of production printing incorrect codes
  • Powered by CoLOS®



Line Control

Effective line control improves quality, reduces costs, and helps you continually increase production output. Markem-Imaje automates coding and printing processes to minimize errors and optimize effectiveness from start-up through every phase of production.  

Greater uptime, maximum OEE

  • Select one correct job each time to avoid costly changeovers and minimize operator mistakes
  • Instantly access performance indicators from printing and line equipment; get immediate alerts when problems occur
  • Leverage real-time and historical data to identify bottlenecks, optimize printer performance and implement process improvements
  • Powered by CoLOS®






Our serialization solution and full-stack capabilities can be deployed rapidly on any line, site, or enterprise in any region. Our serialization and track-and-trace software is configurable for unbeatable ease of implementation and speed to accommodate changing demands and meet regulatory compliance.

Proven, full-stack platform

  • Create unique product identifiers, automate pallet labeling, and aggregate every packaging level for seamless traceability
  • Provide site-level master data, serial number management, event reporting, and offline serialization packing operations
  • Establish enterprise-level connectivity with comprehensive track-and-trace and compliance integrations




Mixing and matching traceability tools from different vendors can be overwhelming and costly. We provide a single, simple solution for generating, managing, and reporting product data in a diverse supply chain ecosystem. Our track-and-trace solution makes it easy to create a compliant system of record for your products in changing regulatory environments.

Secure, end-to-end supply chain tracking

  • Get item transfer visibility and secure data exchange across your global supply chain
  • Create, modify and order the processing of data based on your requirements
  • Establish multiple levels of user restrictions and redundancy for everyone in your supply chain ecosystem




Product authentication at the individual item level is the most effective way to prevent counterfeiting and diversion. Our solutions turn each product becomes instantly connected to verify authenticity, gather actionable supply chain insight, and engage consumers.

Non-additive, digital connectivity

  • Connect physical products to the digital supply chain for item-level authentication and traceability
  • Detect product counterfeiting and diversion issues in real-time
  • Deliver item-specific details and capture consumer feedback using a simple smartphone app




Read what our customers say about our software solutions


Nutrition & Santé | La demanda de la perfección
Nutrition & Santé ha aumentado su necesidad de rastreo para entregar productos sin errores de marcación. Markem-Imaje proporcionó la solución con su sistema Mark and Read para lograr el objetivo.
Noberasco | En el centro de la innovación
En la primera fila de productos y procesos, Noberasco ha elegido Markem-Imaje como su socio de impresión para garantizar la calidad y fiabilidad a largo plazo.
Nexans | Tecnologías de vanguardia
Para marcar los 200 000 kilómetros de cables fabricados por años, el sitio de producción de Nexans en Bohain (Francia) utiliza impresoras de tinta con tintas especiales, diseñadas para marcar los cables.
Sabarot Wassner | Cuando la tradición se encuentra con la modernidad
Ahorre el tiempo, reduzca el riesgo de error, identifique de manera clara los productos y garantice la fiabilidad
técnica: estas fueron las especificaciones indicadas por Sabarot en cuanto a sus objetivos
de identificación.
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