Thursday, February 16, 2023

Introducing Markem-Imaje Miva: the intelligent answer to your printer issues

Minimizing production downtime is an ongoing challenge for manufacturers. How can they address technical problems while limiting disruption to their production process? What can they do to reduce their reliance on technicians visiting sites and to resolve the waiting time associated with this, whilst also complying with Covid policies restricting the number of personnel in the factory? These types of questions led to the development of Miva, Markem-Imaje’s AI-powered digital self-service virtual assistant. Miva allows manufacturers to troubleshoot printer issues by themselves, across all key Markem-Imaje technologies.

Supporting a more efficient and sustainable production line

By improving the standard of customer experience that we offer, Miva is a critical element of our service portfolio strategy. Unique to industry, Miva drastically reduces downtime by empowering the customer to resolve printer issues on site and by themselves. This is neatly achieved via a step-by-step guide, which is easily followed and results in operations resuming swiftly. 

Thanks to the 24/7 availability of advanced troubleshooting there is no need to contact Markem-Imaje or wait for a technician to visit a facility. Additionally, fewer interventions contribute to a reduction in environmental impact because of the reduction in car journeys.  

Seamless technical support

Miva is accessed via Markem-Imaje’s website through a simple login process which then provides access to problem-solving guides, allowing the production line to get up and running as quickly as possible. Self-troubleshooting and break and fix, interactive manuals and videos are all accessible whenever required. 

  • Self-troubleshooting and break and fix will guide the user through a series of steps. Thanks to integrated AI, users simply need to type the issue or error code and they will be guided to the correct solution. 
  • Interactive manuals provide all technical printer information in a smart, user-friendly way. 
  • Videos offer visually descriptive tutorials for simple fixes. Additionally, every spare part packaging includes a QR code which directs users to a video providing clear fitting instructions.
Miva is so intelligent that it has learning capabilities which mean the more it’s used by our customers, the smarter it gets and the faster it becomes at helping customers!

Available in multiple languages, and for all Markem-Imaje key technologies, Miva provides explanatory and detailed instructions. However, depending on the complexity of the issue, users can directly escalate to the Markem-Imaje Help Desk to get help from an expert and request intervention via Markem-Imaje’s Remote Video Support or an onsite visit if needed.

Enhancing customer experience

Customers comment on Miva’s user friendly interface and how easy it is to understand and follow the instructions; as well as how much time is saved by finding solutions in one place.  

We recognize that companies are increasingly seeking to move to remote management of equipment and to self-service options. While we are excited about what we have achieved with Miva so far, further improvements to the solution are in progress. Our customers can look forward to updates to its overall presentation that will make it even more user-friendly, with more technically advanced content, further adding to the body of knowledge behind Miva. Our goal is to improve our customer experience, offering seamless and simple to use troubleshooting which significantly reduces downtime. 

Every second counts when getting a production line back up and running! Go to and discover Miva now! 
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